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G-Wiz races Mustang to 100MPH and wins
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Lynch Motor Company designs and builds drive system to take the 25mph GWhiz car to 100MPH in 7 days.

Back in October, the Top Gear guys came to us with a plan - they wanted us to turn one of these into a 100mph super quadricycle. Oh, and we had a week to do it.

Power required - lots. The G-Wiz started life with a rather limited 4.8kW motor on board and a 48V battery pack.  We didn't think that was enough so out went the motor, batteries, gearbox and the original bearings and in went out four of our biggest motors - 200-D127RAG with an upgraded brushholder - a belt drive to each back wheel and new bearings. Six SLA tank batteries from Enersys with a 5000A short circuit current were forced into the space which had contained the originals and 4 Alltrax 72V 500A speed controllerswere fitted. It had over 120kW (160hp) of peak power ready to be applied to the wheels.

At the end they blew it up - a bit of a waste you might think but none of us were G-Wiz fans although it does make quite a nice radio controlled super car. We salvaged the motors and speed controllers. The speed controllers were completely untouched by the explosion but the motors had a little fire damage. One had a magnet come loose but the rest just wanted a clean out. Incredibly, the brushes were mostly okay even though they took most of the explosion. All four motors have been refurbished and are all still in use for various projects with efficiencies of up to 94% and the speed controllers have also been used again.

We think that it did rather well against the 500hp Mustang. Have a look and see for yourself.